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Oakdale Confidential:
An As The World Turns Novel

"The book is called Oakdale Confidential, and it was so good that I could hardly put it down. ..... I loved this book." - Moonspinner3 at MySpace

"...Its actually REALLY good so far, just like a soap and everything..."

"...So far, the book is excellent. I think they are going to incorporate some of the story from the book onto the show. It is well worth the time..."

"...I've got to keep on reading to get further details! JUICY, JUICY, JUICY!"

"...It's a great book I tell ya'll that..."

"...I got the book this weekend and havenít been able to put it down since..."

"...I'm only on chapter 5 but so far it's one hell of a book. It's awesome..."

"...I bought it yesterday and read it cover to cover last night and loved it."

- Oakdale Confidential: Official Thread/Walk on role at SoapCentral.com

"I can already tell that whoever wrote this knows EVERYTHING there is to know about ATWT -- past & present. In just the first three chapters, there are lots of references to things that happened on screen during the past few years (e.g., Katie trying to get Molly's job, how Katie & Simon got together, etc.). Also, a lot of minor characters are mentioned (Lynn Michaels, Burt the garage guy) and Ben Harris is the one who checks out the dead guy... One thing I especially liked is that in Maddie's backstory, the Coleman family is from Louisiana. I don't think that's ever been mentioned on screen, but Trent Dawson is from Louisiana, so it's a nice touch" - KARA http://www.WeLoveATWT.com

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Oakdale Confidential
Oakdale Confidential